A unique and highly reliable Printing, Publishing, Public Relations Advertising, Publishing Media and Management Consultancy organization was and registered as a company in Nigeria under the Allied Matters Decree of 1990 on the 16th September, 1991.


At BEWURA COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, we publish result oriented research work into books. Our services in this area includes, study of manuscript, editing and proof reading etc. Prominent among some of our publications are, ‘POLITICAL ECONOMY of SECRET CULT IN NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY by Christian Akani, Ph.D. and ‘THE CHURCH IS SICK, by Pastor, Mike Teteg. Printer’s Companion, A Publishers Perspectives. Port Harcourt, Ambition is Not Treason etc. and our Newspaper, Port Harcourt Spectator currently on sales throughout the Nigeria region.

Public Relations being an image and reputation management practice that require skills is handled with efficiency with upmost professionalism to maintain customers brand and the relevant publics.

We undertake the production of calendars and diaries copy writing, Radio jingle production, Television documentaries, photography, video coverage and editing of promos for our clients. Our system involves both the print and electronics media.

Our computer services is mainly typesetting of manuscript for publishing and designing of quality printing with an eagle’s eye for creative advertising. We organize training and networking for our clients. MEDIA AND MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY
We plan media strategies for political office holders, organize business support services for ailing businesses through effective media and management consultancy services.

It is a consulting body of technocrats and experts with a mission to develop manpower and transfer knowledge into practical experience. A team of technical and management specialists charged with the responsibility of improving products and develop new ideas/services to enhance Clientele services especially branding. This department organizes seminars, staff training, human capacity development and carry out marketing surveys for clients.


Our vision is to respond positively to the looming challenges by producing good and quality printing, encourage authors to make better result oriented research for publication, maintain the required typeface of manuscript through an efficient computer services, produce clear advertising message for clients both in the print and electronic media as well as organize business support services for ailing businesses through an effective media and management consultancy with human capacity development in keeping pace with ever growing world of service and technology.


To reader services geared towards lowering production costs, maintaining standard and efficiency for higher productivity.