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Dumo losses in court against his father’s widow

A High Court sitting in Ghana on Monday struck out a suit instituted by Dumo Lulu-Briggs, Chairman Platform Petroleum and second son of deceased oil billionaire, High Chief Dr O. B. Lulu-Briggs.

Dumo, in the suit, sought to further delay the fulfilment of the 23rd December 2019 court-imposed preconditions for the release of the body of his father by the Ghanaian Police and Mortuary.

His lawyers sought to move their application for clarification of the 23rd December 2019 Court order. However, lawyers representing his step-mother, Seinye Lulu-Briggs opposed the application.

Justice Kyei-Baffour of the high court said he was invited to clarify his order of the 23rd of December 2019.

“My order is self-explanatory and needs no other clarification.”

Based on the fact that Dumo had appealed against the same ruling to the Supreme Court, the court said, “I should not appear to be shifting the goal post so as to prejudice the appeal and the applications pending at the Supreme Court. Finding no need for the clarification, I dismiss the application.”

Seinye O. B. Lulu-Briggs in a statement by her spokesperson, Oraye St. Franklyn described the ruling and statement of the Court as being incontrovertibly apt.

“The Court’s amazement at Dumo’s application for the interpretation of an Order that was written in simple English and not in Greek, Ijaw or Swahili proves Dumo’s intention to do mischief, waste the time of the Court on frivolities and further delay the burial of his father,” she said.

Stating further that “the said 23rd December 2019 Court Order, which Dumo sought interpretation for was crystal clear.”

The Court of 23rd December 2019 clearly states:

i. That the delegation led by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs that will convey the body of the deceased to Nigeria should include two representatives of the Plaintiff/Widow, who should be part of the delegation that will convey the body to Nigeria

ii. That the family of the deceased, led by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, will give a binding unconditional undertaking that, under no circumstances will the family allow or suffer the Plaintiff/Widow to undergo any cruel, inhuman or barbaric customary practices in Nigeria, when the body is conveyed.

iii. That the family, led by Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, will further undertake that the Plaintiff/Widow will be ably represented in the burial and the funeral preparations, and will be allowed to play her role as a widow mourning her deceased husband.

The court “FURTHER ORDERED that the 37 Military Hospital which conducted an autopsy on the body of the deceased, High Chief (Dr.) Olu Benson Lulu-Briggs is to file the autopsy at the Registry of the Court within three (3) days upon service of the Order on the Hospital.”

According to the widow, Dr Mrs Seinye O. B. Lulu-Briggs, her stepson Dumo has blocked the release of his father’s autopsy report. The said autopsy was said to have been conducted and certified by the Ghanaian Police and Military. Six pathologists, two of whom were said to be each nominated by both the widow and her stepson, also observed the autopsy alongside Nigerian and Ghanaian investigative Police Officers.

“None of the pre-conditions have been fulfilled to this day. In fact, Dumo has instituted an appeal against them. It is also bewildering to see that he admits to appealing against an Order before seeking to understand it, although it was written in simple English as the Court noted before striking out his frivolous application,” she said.

Oraye St. Franklyn stated that, “The claim by Dumo Lulu-Briggs and as published by some soft-sell publications online that Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs lost her appeal at the High Court today and is now approaching the Supreme Court is a complete falsehood and fake news.

The statement further states that “Mrs Seinye Lulu-Briggs remains strong on her call to all who know and interact with her son Dumo Lulu-Briggs to kindly prevail on him to begin the burial arrangements for her beloved husband, allow the release of the report of the duly conducted autopsy and comply with the Court-imposed preconditions to allow the Ghanaian Police and mortuary release her husband’s body for burial.

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