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Insecurity: SDP NWC protest in NASS, call on Buhari to take charge

Following the spate of insecurity plaguing the country, the Social Democratic Party led by its National Working Committee on Thursday protested at the National Assembly, calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to rise up and take charge of the situation of the country.

According to a statement by the Secretary of the party, Alhaji Shehu Musa Gabam said the country is in serious calamity and all must speak up to salvage the situation.

It reads: “ We have today under the aegis of our great Party the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and as Nigerians that are concerned with the current States of Affairs on our dear Country Nigeria addressed a press conference in protest of the country’s dwindling security challenges. The National Chairman of the party Dr. Olu Ogunloye, myself who’s the party National Secretary and other members of the working committee matched to the National Assembly to registered our grievances.

 It is no longer news that the insecurity in Nigeria is deteriorating beyond a manageable stage and those who may think that speaking the language of insecurity today is a synergistic move to discredit the Government in power must think beyond their nose. The truth is that Nigeria is in a serious calamity as far as security of lives and properties are concern. Today’s action is one of the many of our calls on the government to empower the security agencies to confront head on the serious threat of armed men holding this country to ransom.

As Nigerians and as a political party, we share in the pains of the vanquish and sorrow state of affairs in Nigeria, the increasing weight in kidnappings by bandits, killings of security agencies in some parts of the country and the insurgency that is currently sweeping across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

This calls for urgent government action particularly on the part of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari to take charge and restore back peace and security in the country through rigorous approach. The increasing tensions in the country from the affirmative mentioned challenges has a great danger on the future elections.

 In a society like ours, none violent protests are means of registering grievances and giving those in the helm of affairs a wake up call on the state of affairs. This is the time to come together and speak as Nigerians with a strong voice on the need for Government to empower the Security agencies to outshine these mindless and terror groups that are currently testing the strength of our state apparatus.

As the tensions continue to escalate while the Political leaders and those in the helm if affairs seem helpless then restructuring will certainly help in strengthening the weakness of our regions and will also remove redundant office holders who always depends on the Federal Government. Restructuring will in no doubt remove all form of agitations and focus more on building a better Nigeria of our dream where peace, justice, unity and equity shall reign.

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